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Careers in Mathematics
(Part of Sloan Career Cornerstone Series)

A collaborative effort of three societies

The American Mathematical Society

The Mathematical Association of America

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Videotape: This video contains interviews of people with degrees in mathematics working in industry, business, or government. The interviews present information about why they decided to study mathematics, why they decided on a non-academic career, how they use their mathematics background on their job, and what direction they see their career developing. The interviews were done onsite and include shots of their work environment and interaction with their co-workers. Length: 30 minutes

CD-ROM: The CD-ROM allows users to select their own path through an array of career information to help them explore careers for mathematicians in industry, business and government. The user may start with the career profiles, many of which include video and audio, and then look at descriptions of applications of mathematics in industry supplied by people working in the field. There is also an extensive database of employer information and a career interests section that takes users through a series of questions to help them determine the type of work environment best suited to them. The CD-ROM compliments the video but can be used independent of the video.

These two products allow the topic of careers in mathematics to be explored as a group through use of the video or as an individual through the use of the CD-ROM.

Videotape (VHS)
ISBN 0-7872-6790-2
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CD-ROM (Windows and Mac)
ISBN 0-7872-6789-9
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Price $15.00

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