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Learning LaTeXLearning LaTeX

David F. Griffiths and Desmond J. Higham

"An excellent introduction for new graduate students and others who are about to write their first mathematical paper."--Charles Van Loan, Cornell University

"Learning LaTeX, by David J. Griffiths and Desmond J. Higham, is an excellent, easy-to-read introduction to LaTeX, the popular typsetting system used extensively in the mathematical sciences. Although this primer is brief, it covers the essentials of this text processing system remarkably clearly and with far more humour than one normally encounters in computer documentation. I strongly recommend it to anyone intending to learn LaTeX." ---Ken Jackson, University of Toronto

Here is a short, well-written book that covers the materials essential for learing LATEX without any unnecessary detail. It includes incisive examples that teach LATEX in a powerful yet abbreviated fashion. This is the handbook to have if you don't want to wade through extraneous material. This manual includes the following crucial features:

  • numerous examples of widely used mathematical expressions
  • complete documents illustrating the creation of articles, reports, and overhead projector slides
  • troubleshooting tips to help you pinpoint an error
  • details of how to set up a bibliography and an index
  • information about LATEX resources available on the Internet

Why do you need to learn LATEX? LATEX has become an extremely popular typesetting system and is widely used throughout the sciences. As a student you may need to typeset reports and theses in LATEX (particularly if you are a graduate student in any mathematics or computer science discipline). Or you may be someone who had planned to "eventually" get around to learing LATEX, but you are still using older systems and methods of typesetting. Procrastinate no more!

The authors have elected to cover LATEX 2e, the latest standard version at the time of publication. The old and new versions are very similar and it is clear that the LATEX 2e will soon dominate. An appendix discusses the differences between 2e and the older version 2.09.

1997 / x + 84 pages / Softcover / ISBN-13: 978-0-898713-83-1 / ISBN-10: 0-89871-383-8 /
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