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Computational Science and Engineering Click on picture to view full-size image Computational Science and Engineering

Gilbert Strang

Computational Science and Engineering Published by Wellesley-Cambridge Press
Distributed by SIAM

“Gil Strang has given the discipline of computational science and engineering its first testament in this new and comprehensive book. It surely extends Gil's long tradition of practical, wide-ranging, and insightful books that are invaluable for students, teachers, and researchers alike. If you could have only one book on a desert island, this might be it.”
— William Briggs, Professor of Mathematics at University of Colorado at Denver, and SIAM Vice-President for Education.

This book presents the full range of computational science and engineering -- the equations, numerical methods, and algorithms with MATLAB® codes. The author has taught this material to thousands of engineers and scientists. The book is solution-based and not formula-based: it covers applied linear algebra and fast solvers, differential equations with finite differences and finite elements, Fourier analysis, optimization, and more.

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About the Author
Gilbert Strang is a Professor of Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an Honorary Fellow of Balliol College of the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. His current research interests include linear algebra, wavelets and filter banks, applied mathematics, and engineering mathematics. He is the author or co-author of six textbooks and has published a monograph with George Fix titled An Analysis of the Finite Element Method. Professor Strang served as SIAM’s president from 1999-2000, chaired the U.S. National Committee on Mathematics from 2003–2004, and won the Neumann Medal of the U.S. Association of Computational Mechanics in 2005. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Chapter 1: Applied Linear Algebra
Chapter 2: A Framework for Applied Mathematics
Chapter 3: Boundary Value Problems
Chapter 4: Fourier Series and Integrals
Chapter 5: Analytic Functions
Chapter 6: Initial Value Problems
Chapter 7: Solving Large Systems
Chapter 8: Optimization and Minimum Principles.

2007 / xii + 713 pages / Hardcover / ISBN 978-0-961408-81-7 /
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