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Wavelets and Filter BanksWavelets and Filter Banks

Gilbert Strang and Truong Nguyen

Published by Wellesley-Cambridge Press
Distributed by SIAM

“At many US universities, math departments offer service courses in math for the engineers, and there is a periodic discussion of the curriculum. One difficulty is that the two sides speak different languages ... A wonderful feature of the Strang-Nguyen book is that it speaks both languages. In this way it is refreshing, and it stands out in a class of its own. It has been tested in courses for engineers, and stood the test. From what I hear, it is equally popular in the two cultures, math and engineering.”
—From a review on, Palle E.T. Jorgensen, Iowa City, IA, July 7, 2002

This text has had an overwhelming response from readers. Lauded by some as a marriage between math and engineering, the text features useful and balanced explanations of wavelets for both engineers and mathematicians. The explanations of difficult topics are informal and very approachable, yet rigor is not sacrificed in the process.

Also included in Wavelets and Filter Banks are many examples from the MATLAB Wavelet® Toolbox.

About the Author
Gilbert Strang is a Professor of Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an Honorary Fellow of Balliol College, of the University of Oxford, UK. His current research interests include linear algebra, wavelets and filter banks, applied mathematics, and engineering mathematics. He is the author or co-author of six textbooks and has published a monograph with George Fix titled “An Analysis of the Finite Element Method.” Professor Strang served as SIAM’s president from 1999-2000, chaired the US National Committee on Mathematics from 2003–2004, and won the Neumann Medal of the US Association of Computational Mechanics in 2005. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Filters
Chapter 3: Downsampling and Upsampling
Chapter 4: Filter Banks
Chapter 5: Orthogonal Filter Banks
Chapter 6: Multiresolution
Chapter 7: Wavelet Theory
Chapter 8: Finite Length Signals
Chapter 9: M-Channel Filter Banks
Chapter 10: Design Methods
Chapter 11: Applications
The Discrete Cosine Transform
The Lifting Scheme
Block Transforms in Image Coding

1996 / xxi + 520 pages / Hardcover /ISBN-13: 9780961408879 / ISBN-10: 0961408871
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