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Performance Optimization of Numerically Intensive CodesPerformance Optimization of Numerically Intensive Codes

Stefan Goedecker and Adolfy Hoisie

Software, Environments, and Tools 12

Performance Optimization of Numerically Intensive Codes offers a comprehensive, tutorial-style, hands-on, introductory and intermediate-level treatment of all the essential ingredients for achieving high performance in numerical computations on modern computers. The authors explain computer architectures, data traffic and issues related to performance of serial and parallel code optimization exemplified by actual programs written for algorithms of wide interest. The unique hands-on style is achieved by extensive case studies using realistic computational problems. The performance gain obtained by applying the techniques described in this book can be very significant.

The book bridges the gap between the literature in system architecture, the one in numerical methods and the occasional descriptions of optimization topics in computer vendors' literature. It also allows readers to better judge the suitability of certain computer architecture to their computational requirements. In contrast to standard textbooks on computer architecture and on programming techniques the book treats these topics together at the level necessary for writing high-performance programs. The book facilitates easy access to these topics for computational scientists and engineers mainly interested in practical issues related to efficient code development.


This book will be useful to scientists, engineers and students interested in computational science and high-performance programming. It can be used as a reference book by the practitioner and as basic material for various undergraduate and graduate classes in computer and computational science. Readers should be familiar with a programming language such as Fortran or C.


Preface; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Notions of Computer Architecture; Chapter 3: A Few Basic Efficiency Guidelines; Chapter 4: Timing and Profiling of a Program; Chapter 5: Optimization of Floating Point Operations; Chapter 6: Optimization of Memory Access; Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Optimizations; Chapter 8: Optimization of Parallel Programs; Chapter 9: Case Studies; Chapter 10: Benchmarks; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.

2001 / xii + 173 pages / Softcover / ISBN-13: 978-0-898714-84-5 / ISBN-10: 0-89871-484-2 /
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