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Mathematica Laboratories for Mathematical Statistics: Emphasizing Simulation and Computer Intensive MethodsMathematica Laboratories for Mathematical Statistics: Emphasizing Simulation and Computer Intensive Methods

Jenny A. Baglivo

ASA-SIAM Series on Statistics and Applied Probability 14
Published 2005; Computer Materials Updated 2012

This book distinguishes itself from the traditional mathematical statistics texts with its emphasis on modern inference techniques and extensive use of the computer. — Richard Kloser, University of St. Francis

The author emphasizes the "random" but predictable long term behavior of distributions and does a good job of this. She also does a good job of reinforcing ideas from one problem set to another by revisiting concepts using different distributions and situations. — Steve White, Jacksonville State University

Integrating computers into mathematical statistics courses allows students to simulate experiments and visualize their results, handle larger data sets, analyze data more quickly, and compare the results of classical methods of data analysis with those using alternative techniques. This text presents a concise introduction to the concepts of probability theory and mathematical statistics. The accompanying in-class and take-home computer laboratory activities reinforce the techniques introduced in the text and are accessible to students with little or no experience with Mathematica. These laboratory materials present applications in a variety of real-world settings, with data from epidemiology, environmental sciences, medicine, social sciences, physical sciences, manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and sports.

Mathematica Laboratories for Mathematical Statistics: Emphasizing Simulation and Computer Intensive Methods includes parametric, nonparametric, permutation, bootstrap and diagnostic methods. Chapters on permutation and bootstrap techniques follow the formal inference chapters and precede the chapters on intermediate-level topics. Permutation and bootstrap methods are discussed side by side with classical methods in the later chapters.


The materials are written to be used in the mathematical statistics sequence given at most colleges and universities (two courses of four semester hours each or three courses of three semester hours each). The materials can also be used pro tably by statistical practitioners or consultants interested in a computer-based introduction to mathematical statistics, especially to computer intensive methods. Multivariable calculus and familiarity with the basics of set theory, vectors and matrices, and problem solving using a computer are assumed.

This book is written with both the instructor and the student in mind. The order of topics and the level of presentation are similar to those of other mathematical statistics books. Thus, instructors will find it easy to incorporate this approach in their classroom. The accompanying student CD of laboratory activities, written as Mathematica notebooks, contains text, data, computations, and graphics. Mathematica notebooks are particularly well-suited for presenting concepts and problems, and for writing solutions. Over half of the 238 laboratory problems use real-world data, many from recent research reports or on-going research. Prerequisites include multivariable calculus and familiarity with the basics of set theory, vectors, matrices, and problem-solving using a computer.

Table of Contents [PDF 44KB]
Preface [PDF 46KB]
Sample Chapter [PDF 145KB]
Sample Main laboratory Session [PDF 782KB]

Read the review of this book that appeared in SIAM Review.

An Instructor’s CD-ROM (with complete solutions) is available upon adoption of text.

The materials on the Student CD-ROM and the Instructor CD-ROM were written to be used with Mathematica Version 5. Updated materials for later versions of Mathematica can be obtained through the author's website.

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2005 / xx + 260 pages / Softcover / ISBN-13: 978-0-898715-66-8 / ISBN-10: 0-89871-566-0 /
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