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Mathematics for Industry: Challenges and Frontiers. A Process View: Practice and TheoryMathematics for Industry: Challenges and Frontiers. A Process View: Practice and Theory

David R. Ferguson and Thomas J. Peters, Editors

This collection of papers is a novel publication for SIAM. It is, first and foremost, a forum for leading industrial and government scientists and engineers to describe their work and what they hope to accomplish over the next decade. The goal is to focus the mathematical community on research that will both advance mathematics and provide immediate benefits to industry. So this is not a book on mathematics in the strictest sense. It is not organized around a single or even multiple mathematical disciplines. The papers contain few, if any, statements and proofs of theorems. Rather, they focus on describing the needs of industry and government and on highlighting mathematics that may play a role in providing solutions.

The papers were elicited primarily from Mathematics for Industry: Challenges and Frontiers, a conference sponsored by SIAM in October, 2003. This conference was different from other SIAM conferences in that it was a forum for scientific experts from industry and government to meet with members of the mathematical community to discuss the visions they had for their industries and the obstacles they saw to reaching those goals.

A distinctive feature of this work is its organization. The three sections: Industrial Problems; Mathematical Responses to Industrial Problems; and The Process of Mathematical Modeling, Practice, and Education offer a process view, always initiated by a practical problem, leading to the need for responsive mathematics both at the research and educational levels. All topics are tightly integrated with contemporary computing technology. Mathematical topics include splines, modeling, computational fluid dynamics, statistical model verification, and mathematics for design and simulation.


Academic mathematicians who wish to broaden their view of industrial mathematics will find this book useful. Industrial mathematicians will find support for the increasing need to collaborate with academic mathematicians and scientists. Students who are, or are thinking of, pursuing a career in industrial or academic applied mathematics will find this book a rich source of material on the problems facing industry and will develop an understanding of the relationship between mathematics and industrial problems. Teachers of applied mathematics can use this book to augment standard teaching materials.


Part I: Industrial Problems
Paradigm-Shifting Capabilities for Army Transformation
John A. Parmentola

Computational Simulation in Aerospace Design
Raymond R. Cosner and David R. Ferguson

LEAPS and Product Modeling
R. Ames

3D Modelling of Material Property Variation for Computer Aided Design and Manufacture
M. J. Pratt

Part II: Mathematical Responses to Industrial Problems
A Framework for Validation of Computer Models
James C. Cavendish

Numerical Investigation of the Validity of the Quasi-Static Approximation in the Modelling of Catalytic converters
Brian J. McCartin and Paul D. Young

A Framework Linking Military Missions and Means
P. J. Tanenbaum and W. P. Yeakel

Computational Topology for Geometric Design and Molecular Design
Edward L. F. Moore and Thomas J. Peters

Discretize then Optimize
John T. Betts and Stephen L. Campbell

Transferring Analyses onto Different Meshes
D. A. Field

Bivariate Quadratic B-splines Used as Basis Functions for Collocation
Benjamin Dembart, Daniel Gonsor, and Marian Neamtu

Part III: The Process of Mathematical Modeling, Practice & Education
A Complex Systems Approach to Understanding the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Carl P. Simon and James S. Koopman

A Combined Industrial/Academic Perspective on Fiber and Film Process Modeling
C. David Carlson, Jr. and Christopher L. Cox

Helpful Hints for Establishing Professional Science Masterís Programs
Charles R. MacCluer and Leon H. Seitelman

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2005 / viii + 249 pages / Softcover / ISBN-13: 978-0-898715-98-9 / ISBN-10: 0-89871-598-9 /
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