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Applied Mathematics Entering the 21st Century: Invited Talks from the ICIAM 2003 CongressApplied Mathematics Entering the 21st Century: Invited Talks from the ICIAM 2003 Congress

James M. Hill and Ross Moore, Editors

Proceedings in Applied Mathematics 116

Papers appearing in this volume are the Invited Talks given at ICIAM 2003, the 5th International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, held in Sydney over the period July 7 to 11, 2003. The Congress celebrates and describes the contributions of applied mathematics -- as an intellectual creation in its own right, as a foundation stone of technological development, and as an indispensable collaborative partner for other scientific disciplines. These aspects of applied mathematics have held true since the dawn of civilization. They will remain just as important in the new millennium. The authors of these papers are all acknowledged masters of their fields, having been chosen through a rigorous selection process by a distinguished International Program Committee.

This volume presents an overview of contemporary applications of mathematics, with the coverage ranging from the rhythms of the nervous system, to optimal transportation, elasto-plasticity, computational drug design, hydrodynamic and meteorological modeling, and valuation in financial markets.

Many papers are direct products of the computer revolution: grid generation, multi-scale modeling, high-dimensional numerical integration, nonlinear optimization, accurate floating-point computations and
advanced iterative methods. Other papers demonstrate the close dependence on developments in mathematics itself, and the increasing importance of statistics. Additional topics relate to the study of properties of fluids and fluid-flows, or add to our understanding of Partial Differential Equations.


Foreword; Opening Address; Preface; List of Contributors; Chapter 1: Pulling the Information Out of the Clutter, Brian D. O. Anderson; Chapter 2: Putting Together the Pieces: Grid Generation and Flow Solvers for Complex Geometries, Marsha Berger; Chapter 3: Optimal Transportation Theory and Geometric Partial Differential Equations, Yann Brenier; Chapter 4: Valuation, Hedging and Investment in Incomplete Financial Markets, Mark Davis; Chapter 5: Accurate and Efficient Algorithms for Floating Point Computation, James Demmel and Plamen Koev; Chapter 6: Molecular Conformation Dynamics and Computational Drug Design, Peter Deuflhard and Christof Schütte; Chapter 7: Singular Diffusivity-Facets, Shocks and more, Yoshikazu Giga; Chapter 8: How Mature is Nonlinear Optimization?, Nick Gould and Philippe L. Toint; Chapter 9: Aging in Particle Systems, Alice Guionnet; Chapter 10: Multiscale Modelling and Computation of Incompressible Flow, Thomas Y. Hou; Chapter 11: Random Matrices and the Riemann Zeta-Function: a Review, Jonathan P. Keating; Chapter 12: An Applied Mathematical View of Meteorological Modelling, Rupert Klein; Chapter 13: Rhythms in the Nervous System: from Cells to Behavior via Dynamics, Nancy Kopell; Chapter 14: Highly Oscillatory Partial Differential Equations, Peter A. Markowich and Christof Sparber; Chapter 15: Elasto-Plasticity using Energy and Dissipation Functionals, Alexander Mielke; Chapter 16: High-Dimensional Numerical Integration, Harald Niederreiter;
Chapter 17: Computation and Minimisation of Ship Waves, Ernest O. Tuck; Chapter 18: Iterative Solution Methods: Aims, Tools, Craftmanship, Henk A. van der Vorst; Chapter 19: Interface Problems and their Applications, Lung-an Ying; Chapter 20: ICIAM Prizes for 2003

2004 / ISBN-13: 978-0-898715-59-0 / ISBN-10: 0-89871-559-8 / Hardcover /
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