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LINPACK Users' Guide

JJ Dongarra, JR Bunch, CB Moler, and GW Stewart

The authors of this carefully structured guide are the principal developers of LINPACK, a unique package of Fortran subroutines for analyzing and solving various systems of simultaneous linear algebraic equations and linear least squares problems.

This guide supports both the casual user of LINPACK who simply requires a library subroutine, and the specialist who wishes to modify or extend the code to handle special problems. It is also recommended for classroom work.

Adopted for classroom use by Stanford University, Drexel University, Rice University, and Pennsylvania State University (partial listing).

ContentsGeneral Matrices; Band Matrices; Positive Definite Matrices; Positive Definite Band Matrices; Symmetric Indefinite Matrices; Triangular Matrices; Tridiagonal Matrices; The Cholesky Decomposition; The QR Decomposition; Updating QR and Cholesky Decompositions; The Singular Value Decomposition; References; Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms; Timing Data; Program Listings; BLA Listings.

1979 / viii + 367 pages / Softcover / ISBN-10: 0 89871 172 X / ISBN-13: 978-0-898711-72-1
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