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Control and Estimation in Distributed Parameter SystemsControl and Estimation in Distributed Parameter Systems

H. T. Banks, Editor

Frontiers in Applied Mathematics 11

Research in control and estimation of distributed parameter systems encompasses a wide range of applications including both fundamental science and emerging technologies. The latter include smart materials (piezoceramics, shape memory alloys, magnetostrictives, electrorheological fluids) fabrication and testing, design of high-pressure chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactors for production of microelectronic surfaces (e.g., semiconductors), while the former include groundwater contamination cleanup and other environmental modeling questions, climatology, flow control, and fluid-structure interactions as well as more traditional topics in biology, mechanics, and acoustics. These expository papers provide substantial stimulus to both young researchers and experienced investigators in control theory.

Includes a comprehensive and lucid presentation that relates frequency domain techniques to state-space or time domain approaches for infinite-dimensional systems including design of robust stabilizing and finite-dimensional controllers for infinite-dimensional systems. It focuses on these two approaches to control design in an integrated system theoretic framework. This is excellent reading for researchers in both the frequency domain and time domain control communities. In other articles, topics considered include pointwise control of distributed parameter systems, bounded and unbounded sensors and actuators, stabilization issues for large flexible structures, and an overview discussion of damping models for flexible structures.


Chapter 1: Pointwise Control for Distributed Systems, J.L. Lions; Chapter 2: On Issues Related to Stabilization of Large Flexible Structures, M.C. Delfour and M.P. Polis; Chapter 3: A Comparison of Three Approximation Schemes for Optimal Control of a Flexible Structure, J.S. Gibson and A. Adamian; Chapter 4: On Mathematical Models for the Elastic Beam With Frequency-Proportional Damping, David L. Russell; Chapter 5: A Synthesis of Time and Frequency Domain Methods for the Control of Infinite-Dimensional Systems: A System Theoretic Approach, Ruth F. Curtain; Index.

1992 / xii + 227 pages / Softcover / ISBN-13: 978-0-898712-97-1 / ISBN-10: 0-89871-297-1 /
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