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The Vehicle Routing ProblemThe Vehicle Routing Problem

Paolo Toth and Daniele Vigo

Discrete Mathematics and Applications 9

In the field of combinatorial optimization problems, the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is one of the most challenging. Defined more than 40 years ago, the problem involves designing the optimal set of routes for fleets of vehicles for the purpose of serving a given set of customers. Interest in VRP is motivated by its practical relevance as well as its considerable difficulty.

The Vehicle Routing Problem covers both exact and heuristic methods developed for the VRP and some of its main variants, emphasizing the practical issues common to VRP. The book is composed of three parts containing contributions from well-known experts. The first part covers basic VRP, known more commonly as capacitated VRP. The second part covers three main variants of VRP: with time windows, backhauls, and pickup and delivery. The third part covers issues arising in real-world VRP applications and includes both case studies and references to software packages.


This book will be of interest to both researchers and graduate level students in the communities of operations research and mathematical sciences. It focuses on a specific family of problems while offering a complete overview of the effective use of the most important techniques proposed for the solution of hard combinatorial problems. Practitioners will find this book particularly useful. Readers need a basic knowledge of the main methods for the solution of combinatorial optimization problems.


List of Contributors; Preface; Chapter 1: An Overview of Vehicle Routing Problems; Part I: Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems. Chapter 2: Branch-and-Bound Algorithms for the Capacitated VRP; Chapter 3: Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for the Capacitated VRP; Chapter 4: Set-Covering-Based Algorithms for the Capacitated VRP; Chapter 5: Classical Heuristics for the Capacitated VRP; Chapter 6: Metaheuristics for the Capacitated VRP; Part II: Important Variants of the Vehicle Routing Problem. Chapter 7: VRP with Time Windows; Chapter 8: VRP with Backhauls; Chapter 9: VRP with Pickup and Delivery; Part III: Applications and Case Studies. Chapter 10: Routing Vehicles in the Real World: Applications in the Solid Waste, Beverage, Food, Dairy, and Newspaper Industries; Chapter 11: Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Vehicle-Site Dependencies: The Philadelphia Experience; Chapter 12: Inventory Routing in Practice; Chapter 13: Routing Under Uncertainty: An Application in the Scheduling of Field Service Engineers; Chapter 14: Evolution of Microcomputer-Based Vehicle Routing Software: Case Studies in the United States; Index.

2001 / xviii + 367 pages / Softcover / ISBN-13: 978-0-898715-79-8 / ISBN-10: 0-89871-579-2 /
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