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Branching Programs and Binary Decision DiagramsBranching Programs and Binary Decision Diagrams

Ingo Wegener

SIAM Monographs on Discrete Mathematics and Applications 4

Finite functions (in particular, Boolean functions) play a fundamental role in computer science and discrete mathematics. This book describes representations of Boolean functions that have small size for many important functions and which allow efficient work with the represented functions. The representation size of important and selected functions is estimated, upper and lower bound techniques are studied, efficient algorithms for operations on these representations are presented, and the limits of those techniques are considered.

This book is the first comprehensive description of theory and applications. Research areas like complexity theory, efficient algorithms, data structures, and discrete mathematics will benefit from the theory described in this book. The results described within have applications in verification, computer-aided design, model checking, and discrete mathematics. This is the only book to investigate the representation size of Boolean functions and efficient algorithms on these representations.


Theoretical computer scientists and mathematicians will learn about the applications of binary decision diagrams from this book. People who apply binary decision diagrams will learn about the theoretical background of this area.


Preface; Introduction; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: BPs and Decision Trees (DTs); Chapter 3: Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams (OBDDs); Chapter 4: The OBDD Size of Selected Functions; Chapter 5: The Variable-Ordering Problem; Chapter 6: Free BDDs (FBDDs) and Read-Once BPs; Chapter 7: BDDs with Repeated Tests; Chapter 8: Decision Diagrams (DDs) Based on Other Decomposition Rules; Chapter 9: Integer-Valued DDs; Chapter 10: Nondeterministic DDs; Chapter 11: Randomized BDDs and Algorithms; Chapter 12: Summary of the Theoretical Results; Chapter 13: Applications in Verification and Model Checking; Chapter 14: Further CAD Applications; Chapter 15: Application in Optimization, Counting, and Genetic Programming; Bibliography; Index

2000 / viii + 408 pages / Hardcover / ISBN-13: 978-0-898714-58-6 / ISBN-10: 0-89871-458-3 /
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