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Fundamentals of Radar ImagingFundamentals of Radar Imaging

Margaret Cheney and Brett Borden

CBMS-NSF Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics 79

Radar imaging is a mathematically rich subject with many interesting applications and a large variety of challenging, mathematical open problems. The goal of this book is to provide mathematicians with the background they need to work in the field, building on the foundation of the underlying partial differential equations. The focus is on showing the connection between the physics and the mathematics and on supplying an intuitive mathematical understanding of basic concepts. The book includes
• a description of how a radar system works, together with the relevant mathematics;
• theory that guides the choice of radar waveforms;
• derivation of the fundamentals of scattering theory;
• derivation and discussion of the image formation process; and
• a long list of current open problems.

Applied mathematicians will want this book because it
• explains the basics of radar imaging,
• provides a foundation for understanding the engineering literature, and
• gives references for many of the open problems.

This book is appropriate for graduate students and practicing mathematicians interested in inverse problems, imaging, or electromagnetics. The material will also be of use to students and practitioners of electrical engineering and physics who are interested in radar applications.

Readers are assumed to be familiar with the Fourier transform. Other assumed background material, which is listed in the preface, includes certain basic facts from vector calculus, complex variables, linear algebra, and physics.


About the Authors
Margaret Cheney is a Professor of Mathematics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Most of her work has been in inverse problems, including those that arise in quantum mechanics, acoustics, and electromagnetic theory. She has been working specifically in radar imaging since 2001.

Brett Borden spent most of his career working on radar at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in China Lake, California. He is currently a Professor of Physics at The Naval Postgraduate School.

radar, synthetic-aperture radar, SAR, radar imaging, electromagnetics

2009 / xxiv + 140 pages / Softcover
ISBN: 978-0898716-77-1 
List Price $61.50 / SIAM/CBMS Member Price $43.05/ Order Code CB79
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