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Architectural Geometry

Helmut Pottmann, Andreas Asperl, Michael Hofer, and Axel Kilian

Published by Bentley Institute Press
Distributed by SIAM

“’Architectural Geometry’ is perfect for students and teachers of architecture, practicing architects, and other professionals seeking an in-depth understanding of geometric principles and their integral relationship to the world of design. Clearly, its content is fundamental and will be not only relevant but essential for many years to come...” Gary Hack, University of Pennsylvania School of Design

“'Architectural Geometry’ is a superior, comprehensive survey of geometric modeling for architecture filled with stunning illustrations of unparalleled precision and clarity. The authors are at the forefront of research into advanced modeling technologies and the underlying geometrical principles upon which they are based…” Miles Ritter, Princeton University School of Architecture

“This book is a carefully considered, well-structured, balanced, and informative book on constructive geometry and its application to design for the built environment in a contemporary setting. It mixes theoretical ideas, how-to advice, and real-world examples, and will appeal to a wide range of potential users, from students to educators and practitioners.” Andre Brown, Liverpool University

"It is full of beautiful pictures and illustrations as well as theoretical explanations. I believe that this book would be needed by many architects who are practicing BIM approaches."
Ryota Ieiri, Nikkei business Publications, Inc.,

“The scope of 'Architectural Geometry' is as expansive as its size... there’s an incredible wealth of information to be learnt. In fact the more I delve into the book, the more value I see for the non-geometrician.” Nigel Davies, Evolve Consultancy,

Architectural Geometry is the first book to introduce a revolutionary new approach to design.

Geometry lies at the core of the architectural design process. It is omnipresent, from the initial form-finding stages to the actual construction. Modern constructive geometry provides a variety of tools for the efficient design, analysis, and manufacture of complex shapes. This results in new challenges for architecture. However, the architectural application also poses new problems to geometry. Architectural geometry is therefore an entire research area, currently emerging at the border between applied geometry and architecture.

Written for students, architects, construction engineers, and industrial designers – Architectural Geometry is a source of inspiration for scientists interested in applications of geometry processing in architecture and art.

With over 700 pages, including 2,100 full-color images of built architecture, architectural projects, and artwork, Architectural Geometry takes readers from basic to advanced geometry then leads them to the cutting-edge of research in the architectural geometry field.

2007 / 744 pages / Hardcover / ISBN 978-1-934493-0-45
Professional List Price: $175.00 / Professional Member Price: $122.50 / Academic List Price: $80.00 / Academic Member Price: $56.00
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